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Day Ward covered in Morning Ward covered in Evening
Monday Ravora Dongorim
Tuesday Fradilem / Calvaddo General area coverage
Wednesday Mandopa Moddi
Thursday Market area of Navelim and general area coverage
Friday Nagmodem Sinquetim
Saturday Ratwaddo Buticas

As per Government Regulations, Please ensure that you separate your waste in your home into two bins (One for Dry and One for Wet Garbage).

Waste Category Color code Disposal instructions
Dry waste Black/ Blue Bin All non-biodegradable items like paper, cardboard, tetrapak, plastic, metal, rubber, thermocol & glass items should be deposited in the common dry waste bin.

Note: Keep your recyclables clean. Wash & dry solid recyclable items eg: solid plastic bags before placing in the bin. Do not dump food or mixed waste into any of the recycling bins. Call for assistance if confused.

Wet Waste / Food Waste Green Bin All kitchen waste such as vegetable cutting fruit peels, coconut shells, milk products, seafood, meat bones, floor sweepings may be emptied directly into the common collection bin.

Note: Newspaper bin liners are permitted & deposit in the compositing unit in your compound.

Only Dry Garbage will be collected Door to Door therefore kindly follow instructions as given in this leaflet:

  • To avoid smells and pests in your home and surroundings, wash your recyclables (Milk Bags, Jam Jars, Dirty Plastic bags) before storage.
  • In case of doorstep collections, keep your bins ready for collection by 9:00am Our dedicated staff shall collect the waste from your door at a given day as may be fixed by the Panchayat for collection of plastic in your ward. If you are not at home, kindly place your bins at your doorstep before you leave home.
  • Repeated non-compliance or mixing of waste shall be severely dealt with as per provisions of the government regulations i.e. MSW rules 2000 and collection of garbage will not be accepted from your house
  • All home medical waste must be put into the special medical waste bags.

What happens to your waste?

  • Over 90% of your waste is diverted from dumpsites & landfill.
  • All collected food and garden waste is turned into manure in compositing units that are located in your own neighbourhood. Contact the Panchayat for guidelines on compositing units.
  • Recyclables are sorted according to the various recyclable categories. This is then bagged and transported to various recyclers who recycle pet bottles into t-shirts and tetrapak cartons into books and roofing sheets.
  • We still have a problem with disposal of non-recyclable waste. Help us by sorting your waste as required.
  • Contact us For additional collections, information 0832-2726404
  • We need your involvement in maintaining a clean and healthy environment and therefore kindly segregate the waste at source and help Village Panchayat Navelim to make Navelim a clean and Garbage free area.

NOTE: Disposal of garbage in the open areas haphazardly or Non-Segregation is a punishable offence which involves fine.