panchayat_old The Village Panchayat of Navelim started off as the Office of V.P. Navelim-Telaulim and the Ground Floor was inaugurated in the year 1969 on 11th Oct for which foundation stone was laid by. Shri Jose Bento Furtado who was the first Sarpanch of Navelim-Telaulim Village. The premises of V.P. Navelim-Telaulim, Ground floor was inaugurated by Shri. Eurico Rebelo the then Sarpanch of V.P. Navelim in the year 1969. This office started as office of V.P. Navelim-Telaulim and in the year 1975, this office became solely V.P. Office for Navelim Village as Telaulim got their own separate Panchayat office.

However the population of Navelim over the years was increasing and so the ground floor premises of V.P. Navelim were felt insufficient to transact the daily routine work of the Panchayat & so the construction of 1st floor of V.P. Navelim (Old Premises) was undertaken under JRY scheme and the said 1st Floor was inaugurated on 19th Dec 1990 by Shri. Luizinho Faleiro, the then MLA of Navelim & by Vicar Fr. Robert Vaz, under the chairmanship of Shri. Ermino Fernandes, the then Sarpanch of V.P. Navelim.

Until the first floor was inaugurated the V.P. Navelim was governed by the 7 members body which eventually became a 9 member Panchayat & further a 11 member Panchayat till date.

The 11 members Panchayat comprise of the following wards Sinquetim – I, Sinquetim – II, Nagmodem, Fradilem, Buticas, Ratwaddo, Dongorim, Ravora, Mandopa/Firgulem, Mandopa and Moddi. The 11 members Panchayat premises (Old Panchayat Ghar) was not sufficient for conducting urgent public meetings as Navelim is highly populated village, thus keeping of various records also became a matter of concern.

panchayat_newKeeping in mind about the present and the future the construction of V.P. Office cum Shopping complex was undertaken through RDA. The foundation stone for the new Panchayat Ghar was laid on 15th August 2009 at the hands of Shri. Digambar Kamat, the then Chief Minister of Goa along with Shri. Churchill Alemao, the then MLA of Navelim & Minister for PWD, RDA, Sci & Tech and Shri. Joaquim Alemao, Hon’ble Minister for Urban Development, Fisheries & Labour and was blessed by Rev. Fr. Leonardo Moraes – Parish Priest of Navelim during the tenure of Sarpanch Shri. Paul Pereira, Smt. Ana Carneiro – Dy. Sarpanch and Members, Shri. Schubert Furtado, Smt. Idalina Rebello, Shri. Joaquim Gracias, Smt. Adelina Fernandes, Smr. Laureta Pereira, Shri. Santarita Coelho, Shri. Olive Peixoto, Smt. Angela Barretto and Smt. Minguelina Pereira. Also present was Smt. Folomena Coutinho (Z.P. Member Navelim Const.) Co-Ordinators of RDA Panel Smt. Nelly Rodrigues, Shri. Joseph Vaz and Smt. Farell Gracias.


The New Village Panchayat Office is now functioning in the New Panchayat Ghar since 26th January 2014, which was innaugurated by Shri. Manohar Parrikar, Chief Minister of Goa, in the distinguished presence of Shri. Avertano Furtado, Minister for RDA, Labour & Employment, Fisheries and MLA of Navelim Constituency and Shri. Laxmikant Parsekar, Minister for Health, Panchayati Raj and blessed by Rev. Fr. Jose Roque Gonsalves, Parish Priest of Navelim during the tenure of Sarpanch Shri. Frank Fernandes, Smt. Belinda Dias, Dy. Sarpanch and members Smt. Ana Carneiro, Smt. Adelina Fernandes, Smt. Stael Albuquerque, Smt. Fatima Fernandes, Smt. Sharon Gomes, Shri. Santarito Coelho, Shri. Minguel Cardozo, Shri. Salvador Pereira and Shri. Remon Gomes.


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