Mogachea Navelkarano,
You are now the Citizens of a Smart Global Village. Navelim has always been the Cradle of Intelligentsia in Goa.
As I invite you to relish the power of e-governance at your fingertips, I am reminded of the words of Navelim’s most celebrated son, the Great Orator, Economist and Writer
Dr. Francisco Luis Gomes, the Man who gave the idea of India and the thought of Nationalism to India, even before the popular Indian National Movement propounded the thought. He had once said, “I belong to the country which invented chess and Mahabharata the two works of sublimate eternity. Today the Nightingale which soared the heavens is fluttering its wings against the cage which holds it as captive. I ask for my country – Light and Liberty”.

So here it is, your Panchayat online, now available to you as the actual embodiment of that dream. Where Light – the information about your village, your Panchayat, the various schemes and programmes is now known to you unsolicited and Liberty – the freedom to access and choose this information at your convenience on your smartphone, on your computer, at home, at work, in Goa or in the Gulf or just anywhere on the planet.

We would like to inform you about other schemes and programmes happening in Navelim which I hope will bring more transparency, accountability and public interaction and participation.
I congratulate the Sarpanch Smt. Vilma D’Silva, Dy Sarpanch Shri Mariano Paulo Pereira, and all the other nine Panchas, viz; Smt. Adelina A. Fernandes, Shri Jose Santa Rita Coelho, Smt. Esmeraldina Santarita Rodrigues e Coelho, Smt. Velinda Euclid Dias, Smt. Idalina Lina Rebello, Smt. Maria Angela Barretto, Smt. Robertina B. Gonsalves, Smt. Aida Joao Fernandes, Shri Minguel D. Cardozo, that you have elected besides all the leading lights of Navelim.
With the Village Panchayat now accessible to you so conveniently, I would like you to join me in making Navelim – a Clean, Green, Healthy and Safe model constituency in Goa.
Congratulations & Best Wishes to All of You.
Your Humble Legislative Representative at The Goa Assembly

M.L.A Navelim Constituency