“It’s a privilege for me to serve the people of Navelim as a Sarpanch. It is our continuous endeavor to work at our best to render various services to the public of Navelim. There has been many hardships faced as a Sarpanch but it is your patronage that keeps the functioning smoother of the Village Panchayat of Navelim. By launching the world wide website of Navelim Panchayat I take this opportunity to appeal the citizens of Navelim to make use of it to the optimum and invite your suggestions and feedback in any field we may be lacking in. It has been our precedence to value your concern. I believe that the cheerful people of Navelim will appreciate and I know that their support is always there for us.”

Sarpanch, V.P. Navelim.
Dated: 2/11/2014