Annual Development Plan 2017-18
(Works to be undertaken by utilising XIVth finance commission grants)
1) Renovation and Development of Market Area with pavers and reconstruction of soak pit at Butica.
2) Purchase of Mini Transport Vehicle for collection of Garbage.
3) Re-Construction of drain with slabs from Perpetual convent leading to the main drain behind Rosary Commercial Arcade, Manilheiros.
4) Re-construction of existing drain from Market connecting to the main drain behind Rosary Commercial Arcade, Manilheiros.
5) Repair and Covering of the existing drain with slabs along the subway near old Panchayat Ghar, Manilheiros.
6) Construction of retaining wall from Rosaria house to Electrical transformer, Sinquetim.
7) Installation of Incenerator
8) Construction of Children Park in available open space at Sinquetim.
9) Construction of Kutcha road with retaining wall, about 60-70 meters in length near Filomena D`costa house, Nagmodem.
10) Construction of road with retaining wall near Benny house, Nagmodem.
11) Repair & Maintenance of drainage from Shamin D’costa house to Krishna Shirodkar house, Ratwaddo.
12) Construction of retaining wall with railing from Miranda property to Cruz House, Ratwaddo.
13) Construction of Kutcha Road from Bukaco residency to Haldankar house, Dongorim.
14) Construction of drainage from Mariano apartments to Nancy Rebello house, Dongorim.
15) Construction of drainage from Dessai house to Piedade Faleiro house (Opp. Bukaco Residency), Dongorim.
16) Construction of footh path with Pavers from Haldankar house to Shiva Shirodkar house, Dongorim.
17) Construction of drain from Annie Mergulahao house to Johnston building, Ravora.
18) Construction of Pathway leading to the football ground, Ravora.
19) Beautifying the area with Pavers and railing near the cross at Bandpoilem occupied by the senior citizen.
20) Construction of drainage at Calvaddo from Sumati building to N.H 17 from east to west.
21) Construction Footpath with Pavers & drainage of 6 meters length in between Piedade Rodrigues house and Roque Afonso house, Fradilem.
22) Construction of footpath with pavers & railing near the St. Francis Xavier Chapel, Fradilem.
23) Construction of Drain from Chandu house to Rita House, Mandopa.
24) Construction of Culvert near Chandu house, Mandopa.
25) Repair of intersection drains at Junctions near four roads Mandopa, near Joao Pereira house, Mandopa and near Luis Gomes house, Mandopa.
26) Construction of Drain from Manuel Silva house to the four road junction, Mandopa.
27) Repair and Renovation of existing Chapel at Espimodi, Mandopa.
The said development was approved by the Village development committee in its meeting held on 7/11/2017, which are subsequently approved by the Gram Sabha vide resolution no. 3 dated 12/11/2017 and Panchayat resolution no. 4(36) dated 29/11/2017. The said plan along with relevant files are submitted to the Block Development Officer, Salcete vide this Office letter VP/N/1643/2017-18/122(1) dated 20/12/2017.